About Glenn Anderson

Hi!  My name is Glenn Anderson, and I’ve been a full-time professional cook since 2008.  I’ve worked catering, short-order cooking, brunch, private dinners, fine dining and everything in-between.  If you’ve spent any time going out to dine in either Chicago or San Francisco, there’s a good chance I’ve cooked for you.  I have a college degree (that isn’t in cooking) and I’d cook anyone straight out of the academy under the pass — and on this blog, I’ll tell you why, and how.

I may not have a culinary degree, but I have been mentored by some of the finest chefs whose food the world has ever had the privilege of sampling — and have been attuned to all the lessons they’ve imparted to me over the years.

The most important lesson my first chef taught me is that two things should go into everything you ever cook: salt and love.

With some years under my toque (no I’ve never actually worn one: it’s a metaphor!), I have a litany of things to say about this lesson, and others I’ve learned on my own.

This is a blog designed to help inform anyone curious about anything and everything pertaining to food, cooking, dining, and the all-around culinary world.  I’m not out to spill trade secrets or piss in anyone’s cheerios, but I do want to demystify some elements of the world of cooking.  This is designed both to give an amateur cook some insight into how a professional might go about tackling a certain issue, and also to maybe put a new tool in the toolbox of a fellow professional.  While I’m not always the first to admit I don’t know something, I will say I know I don’t know everything.  Nothing is getting sugar-coated here either; the language and opinions offered in kitchens can be brutal and biting, and that will be reflected here. If that makes you uncomfortable… I guess, try the Food Network.

I am always seeking knowledge where I know I’m lacking, but I will do my best to cover all the topics I can.  If you’ve always wondered about something food-related, or are having trouble nailing down a particular dish, contact me and I’ll try to help.

Whatever I write will always be honest and uncensored.

So read, react, learn, accept, or reject.  I’m only here to do what we all should be doing: sharing ideas.  This allows you to decide for yourself who to listen to, what works for you, and what tastes the best!

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